Embedded Module für M2M

Für die einfache und schnelle Integration von GSM/GPRS in beliebige Anwedungen bieten wir universelle embedded Module an. Das Kernelement jedes Moduls ist ein GSM/GPRS Modul von Gemalto (Cinterion, ehemals Siemens).

XC 55E

The HCP XC 55E terminal is designed to support of MC 55i CINTERION module. Standard interfaces as well as an integrated SIM card reader shorten installation time, significantly.
The functionality of the module corresponds to the features of the CINTERION MC55i module, supplemented by SIM card reader, an RS232 interface.

The HCP XC 55E terminal can be used with a wide range of applications, such as POS terminals and scanners, vending machines, security systems, remote telemetry and telematics systems, fleet management and tracking systems, traffic control and navigation systems, handheld devices, GPRS

ET 3

This is universal embedded solution developed as a result of evolution of our PMM, PMM2, HCP 35/39 terminals and modems.
The advantage of this device relies on CINTERION TC65i, TC63i and MC75i wireless modules.

It could be used in variety of end applications such as remote management, data reading, synchronisation and more.

ET3 can be ordered with many different antenna connectors such as U.FL, SMA, FME etc. Integrated Watchdog will ensure reliability of ET3 in case of unexpected interruptions.

This embedded board can also be used like an SDK board for developers.

MC39i -AA

MC39i-AA is the replacement adapter board for the end of life Cinterion MC39i wireless
It can adopt either MC55i or BG2 Cinterion wireless module. The adapter board is done
to meet the original MC39i dimensions and mounting holes as well as pin out of the B2B